Reflections On Coffee Sobriety

It’s been two weeks since I’ve consumed a cup of coffee.


If you regularly stop by, then you probably know that coffee is my cheap, non-complaining, no strings attached, legal drug of choice. A day without coffee is rough, and work isn’t just boring, it’s unbearably boring.  Why?

Coffee washes dangling neurons with a chemical inspired profundity that sends my imagination on a tripped out spirit quest.  Disparate ideas are connected.  Inanimate objects become animated.  People morph from insufferable portable storage devices into inspiring curiosities.

For instance, after two cups of coffee, a wet brick in a sidewalk becomes a grumpy, petulant, vindictive brick struggling to remove the leaves slathered across its body by tripping innocent humans.  A series of monotonous mouse clicks become a thirty minute tango.  And attractive women become attractive women.

How long can I refrain from coffee?  And should I?  Do you?