On The Act Of Blogging In 2012

There’s a question lots of people keep asking, a question of grave importance to certain industries and certain people. This question frequently appears in all sorts of publications, from tiny little media conglomerates to clumsy print giants. Don’t believe me? Google it. Google the question –

“Is blogging dead?”

My response is simple, and probably very similar to those bloggers who have no interest in “branding” their online presence or monetizing their blog.


There, I said it.

Some people just want to create and share experiences. Often they want to encourage meaningful conversations. They – me – don’t care about questions like, “Is Blogging Dead”, because we’re busy creating. Nor do they – me – believe that one platform will rule them all. They probably incorporate other platforms/services into their blogging experience. I definitely do.

I see blogging as an internal creative process digitized and distributed to the public. Thus, if “blogging” is dead, we’re screwed. And our corporate overlords have successfully fragmented and monetized another part of humanity.