The Donald Trump Card

Apparently it’s American to fall into a binary orbit around a rich, moneyed political class, yet still feign a deep interest in changing the political process. Why else does every candidate strive to appeal to the nonchalant indifference and defeatism infecting the plebian masses’ opinion of the future of American politics? When you really think about it, due to the influence of cash-money and various well-placed constitutional roadblocks, an individual is unlikely to make a significant “political” difference without a shit ton of money and a drooling mass communications network rabid with a ratings frenzy. The odds are supremely stacked against the vast majority of lone individuals. Enter Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has a lot of money.  And if you, like me, consider American presidential campaigns well produced reality shows whose contestants are recruited and assiduously groomed by super-PACs for the free world’s most totally awesome and rad reality show on Earth, then Donald Trump’s trump card is this –

He doesn’t care. He has enough money to produce his own reality show. He doesn’t need to wait for for moneyed political class to get on board.

Of course, a significant chunk of Americans don’t care either, so in the end, it works works out for at least some of the polls. Now, who can’t wait for the next reality show challenge?!?