What Is A Diaper Genie?

The Diaper Genie is a love letter to the baby industrial complex. This cylindrical plastic monstrosity is an overpriced trashcan that is supposed to better contain the increasingly noxious odors of diaper-hood. Additionally, the Diaper Genie’s custom plastic trash bag solution – a plastic ring that contains a long, tightly packed, endless plastic trash bag – is supposed to make it easier to never run out of appropriately protected receptacles for dirty diapers. Not true. Not only do the custom bourgeois plastic trash bags cost more, but the Diaper Genie is designed so that you never really know when it’s nearly full. This means you only find out at the last second that you can’t actually cram a blow out diaper through the maw of the plastic, poop-eating dragon.

So as the primary Diaper Genie engineer of the house, I can say with confidence that after many adventures in Diaper Land, I have yet to shove a dirty diaper into the plastic maw of this poop-eating dragon and pull out a genie. At best, I’ve pulled out a hand covered in the remnants of baby wipe sludge.

Object: Playtex Diaper Genie Elite