The Smell of Christmas Past

A few days ago I came home to a cacophony of enthusiastic ‘welcome home’s, but as the initial excitement settled down, I was also greeted by an unexpected leftover from Christmas.

My Christmas tree was giving off some serious pine-scented vibes.

I mean, if scent could speak, this tree was screaming as loudly as my children. But here’s the thing. The Christmas tree has been around for a month, and based on my obsessive daily routine for ensuring the tree’s water levels are topped off, I know the tree stopped drinking a few days ago. Which brings me to this question.

Do pine trees give off a stronger scent right before or immediately after they stop drinking water and prepare to meet the Great County Mulcher machine?

I’m sure I could Google this, and perhaps even learn something, but being belligerently anti-screen for at least the next ten minutes, I’ll just let this question percolate.