The Season of Routine Goal Setting

As the world is in the midst of frenzied, aspirational goal setting, or perhaps even already given up on New Year’s goals, I’m sitting here writing on an actual piece of dead tree. This is my goal. Twice a week, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

Way back in the day I used to write a lot more, and while I don’t expect to write in the same way or same quantity as I did back then, I do want to establish a routine of scribble and flow. Old school style. Technologically detached, with my mind afloat someplace between laptops and leafs of paper, stretching and exercising my neurons. And no, it’s not lost on me that I’ll type this up later.

The astute, long term reader of my scribbles might notice that I’m now organizing content by season. You rock! But why organize by season, you ask?

First, I want to experiment with establishing and meeting overarching creative goals that may or may not link together. Second, I’ve noticed that my grit for exploring and experimenting with new creative ideas lasts 2-4 months, depending on the generativity of the concept – and my laziness. Third, I actually like the idea of content disappearing after a certain amount of time, similar to Snapchat or Facebook’s ‘stories’ concept.

So, welcome to Season 12, Scribble and Flow!