Deciphering The Morse Code of Squirrels

In an otherwise beautiful wintry landscape, I stared at my fence perplexed and immensely curious. How is it everything but the top of my aging fence remains an untouched, freshly painted testament to Old Man winter?

Sipping my coffee I continued to lament the random, jagged curves for a few more minutes before the serenity of morning coffee was replaced with the joyously absurd conversations of young children.

Fast forward a few hours. There, jumping along the fence in the same exact jagged pattern, was a black squirrel.

One, it didn’t even cross my mind that a squirrel would bother running through this amount of snow. That’s nuts. Two, as I watched the squirrel move along the fence, it occurred to me that its “jump prints” left consistently sized blocks of snow that reminded me of Morse code – short, short, long, short or dot, dot, dash, dot. This, of course, took me into an absurd tangent of thought.

If a squirrel were to leave a message using Morse code, what might the squirrel running along the fence in my backyard be trying to say? I’m just going to venture a guess and say the squirrel would probably want to say something like –

“Hey dude, I can’t wait till this summer so I can destroy your garden. Please plant some more heirloom tomatoes this year. Really enjoyed ’em last summer.”