State of The Did I Get The Wrong Address

Look, it should come as no surprise that I think our current President of the United States is about as inspiring as a paper clip. In fact, a better way of thinking about how I feel about our current president is to imagine the following –

After a long walk through a local park with humanity and nature on full display, you enter your home, drop off your keys, turn on some music, then walk the kitchen to grab a drink. Drink in hand, you start walking to another room. That’s when you notice you’ve been tracking dog shit through your house.

Really, I can’t believe so many Americans elected this guy. I mean, I watched the State of the Union address tonight, and while I wasn’t expecting a TED Talk, I was at least hoping for something that didn’t feel like I was watching a montage of cringe-worth fails on YouTube. And believe me, I’ve really lowered my expectations since President Obama left office.

So, cheers American politics! I’ll be sure to add a few more teaspoons of alternative facts, fact-checking sugar (i.e., news articles) to my coffee tomorrow morning.