Blue Rooster On Building

When I turned onto Constitution Avenue and saw a large blue rooster sitting on top of the National Gallery of Art, I took it as a sign that I need to visit the city more often. I did not take the Metro delays as a sign of anything positive, except that I made the right decision to live outside the city. But back to that oversized, plastic blue bird.

It is amazing to see this bright blue rooster perched on a roof, overlooking the sea of bland, wildly uninspiring colors of city architecture. The absurdity is hilarious. If I passed this bird as a part of my commute, I’m sure I’d smirk or chuckle each time. Of course, I hardly venture into the city these days.

This somewhat saddens me, but then I remember that I spent many brokeass years living in Washington, DC, and while it was absurdly fun, living in the city is also absurdly stupid when trying to raise kids on a Non-1-Percenter income, saving for retirement, and reducing stress. That blue rooster though, whoa! It was like a Facebook or Google Photos “On This Day” reminder telling me that in the past I sought out oversized blue roosters on top of buildings, or at least knew where I could find them.