An Old Fashioned Filet Mingon Paired With Small Gods

It’s no secret that taking care of children is a lot of work. If you were to ask me to throw down some hard data, because when I was single and never once worried about leaving the house without extra diapers, a change of clothes, and some sort of snack, that’s the kind of question I’d ask new parents groaning about their newly acquired, time-guzzling progeny. This is how I’d answer.

Imagine binge-watching the Simpsons – all 30 seasons – five times before finally scoring some free time to dine at your favorite steakhouse. Feel free to replace the Simpsons with your preferred, long running TV series.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself in downtown Washington DC, alone, with about two hours to spare. I didn’t immediately settle on a steakhouse, but after meandering thirty minutes looking for the perfect place to sit down and have a meal alone, yet still remain surrounded by the constant buzz of humanity, I realized I didn’t have the luxury of wasting time on an overpriced fusion establishment with modern decor and tricked out lighting. To the steakhouse!

There, sitting alone at a high top table, I ordered a ginger old fashioned, a filet mingon, and some cornbread. I popped out my Kindle and started reading Small Gods, by Terry Prachett.

It was brilliant.