The Discovery of an Ear Hair

I wake as I do nearly every day – with a strong desire to go back to sleep and slightly frustrated that I couldn’t sleep through my first alarm, rendering useless the backup alarm I set every night.

Strolling into the bathroom I grab my toothbrush and do my best to silence the endless war cries of plaque. It is during this time, quite possibly the only part of the day in which I reflect up on my reflection, that I notice a hair hanging out of my ear. A grey hair. Or maybe a translucent hair.

How did the hair get in my here, I ask myself. I brush my ear a few times to dislodge the hair, then continue to brush my teeth. But moments later the hair returns.

And that’s how I discovered my first ear hair.

Did this particular ear hair live a good life? Perhaps, until I plucked it out and sent it to the island of misfit ear hairs.