Diary of a Wimpy Neuron

It’s a new season over here in blogland and I’m ready to roll with a new project. This season, which will run from May 1, 2019 through July 31, 2019, is a new recipe – one part writing, one part visual wanna-be web comic. I’m hoping to have fun exploring ideas visually while still writing at least once a week.

Ideally the writing will be longer than the previous season, Scribble & Flow, but between work, parenting, and laziness I can’t really make any blog promises to my 8 regular readers or to my adult children reading this in the future. Kids, no matter what the AI-generated memory hologram tells you, it does not know the allure of laziness and procrastination. To be human, is to be lazy!

Anyway, season 13 is called Diary of a Wimpy Neuron. It bubbled up in my mind one day when I was looking at the cover of the book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and I thought, “Hey, I should totally riff on this… but how?” In the next five minutes of useless, lazy pondering, I arrived at the title and started to get excited about creating a mini web comic. Of course, here’s what interesting about all this. I can’t draw.

And that’s why this experiment should be amusing. Plus, neurons are awesome.

Welcome to Season 13 – Diary of a Wimpy Neuron.