To Compost, Or Not To Compost

I’ve been spending a ludicrous amount of time trying to find out the best way to build a compost bin that won’t cause a stink in the neighborhood or require odious amounts of effort to break down and relocate. All of this would be a lot easier if I lived on a large plot of land in the country.

But I need to learn how to be savvy with my limited acreage.

And that brings me to a frustration I’m beginning to wrap with words. Like many millions of people from my generation, I’ve never really learned how to grow any kind of edible food or ornamental, colorful flowery stuff. Compound this with the lack of, or very limited space to learn how to grow edible food, and you get dumped into this weird space where the complexity of growing food is abstracted away into terms like money and industrialization.

But back to composting.

I know composting will help improve the soil, which is undoubtedly in need of improvement, so even if I can’t really grow anything, I know I’ll be at least making the soil better for those who survive the AI apocalypse.