Icicles, Collecting Time

At some point in the past week my mind wandered into the black hole of metaphorically interpreting the concept of time. Why? No clue. I’m going to assume it was the combination of a lack of caffeine coupled with an early morning walk occuring no later than fifteen minutes after waking up.

It was somewhat chilly, the birds were chirping – more consistently and louder than the passing vehicles were farting – and I was thinking how best to visualize average lifespan in relation to one’s age. And then I thought of an icicle slowly dripping. Why? Again, I have no clue. But I ran with the idea and started thinking about time as an icicle.

The dripping ice could maybe represent the slow passing of time, but even more interesting to me was the idea of creating an icicle, collecting time – or rather, collecting an awareness of time – in order to watch it slowly drip away.

Just a thought to play around with.