Screens, Be Gone!

I know this will sound odd to many, especially those in the business of translating or moving everything into a screen-based interface, but using a computer to write sucks. Why? The digital process lacks creative dimension, or at least severely constricts it, and there’s just something emotionally invigorating about writing on paper.

My current working theory is that I spend all day looking at a screen, so the last thing I want to do is continue looking at a screen when I’m released from the constraints of capitalism. I get it, there are benefits. You know them, I know them, technocrats and luddites know them, but from a purely subjective point of view, writing on a computer sucks.

What’s next? I’m a month into Season 13, and unlike Season 12, I’ve been writing all my posts on the computer instead of handwriting them on paper. And you know what, now that I have a recent baseline for comparison, I can say hands down that, even though writing by hand takes slightly longer and requires digital transcription, writing by hand provides more satisfaction. In both the process and the end product.

So, back to scribbling by hand I go!