Edaced, The Last Day of the Decade

During this time of year I enjoy reading the variety of “Year In Review” reflections that spring up like primary color campaign hats during an election season. People accomplish so much in a year, and it is truly interesting to see what bubbles up to the top of the “This is my year in review” pile. And perhaps even more interesting are all the bytes and bits that get banished to the archives of lost thought and internet archives. Remember, the internet never forgets!

Anyway, to describe this mashup of nostalgia and reflection crumpled up into a ball of writing on the last day of the decade, I’m going to coin a new word, “Edaced”. Why? Because I can! Also, because it’s decade spelled backwards, and every human knows that a decade is a good, safe chunk of time for self-reflection. I mean, nobody is going to throw you a huge party for you 47th birthday. Not only is 47 a prime number, it is also NOT your 50th birthday. On your 50th birthday you’ve been alive for FIVE decades! Think about that. It’s not a prime number, and you’ve been been contributing to the global climate apocalypse for five decades.

So, fellow humans, you’ve been “Edaced” today. Has the last day of the decade stricken you with bouts of profundity and self-reflection? Or are you just waiting for the champagne?

A Note… I should probably see if Edaced is actually a word, but I’m living the last few hours of the decade without Google, so hey, don’t blame me if the word describes some obscure biology.