Put On Your Game Face

Toy with a human body and an animal head playing Pac Man
Put On Your Game Face

Rummaging through random boxes of stuff full of forgotten curiosities, I found a Maggie Squirrel action figure, part of Archie McPhee’s Strange Friends line. And this reminds me. Since I’m doing this 366 days of photography challenge (can’t forget that extra day), I’ve been keeping my eye out for weird, strange, or absurd things to photograph. Why I prefer taking photos of objects over people is something I’ll have to write about in the future. When I figure it out!

Day 59 of 366


  1. I think we all are subconsciously drawn to what we love. For lack of sounding too woo woo, I’m starting to really believe that we are from other times and we are click with things and people who are from our past or getting us toward our purpose.

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