Reading Cheez-It Crackers

A pile of Cheez-It crackers
Reading Cheez-It Crackers

The Cheez-It crackers fell on the table into a pile of mass produced, salty, “cheesy” goodness. My mind immediately switched from focusing on satiating those stomach grumblings to wondering if a person could actually swindle people out of money by claiming to read Cheez-Its, similar to how people read tea leaves or coffee grounds. You win if you can do this!

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  1. I absolutely can read Cheese Its. The one on the left is my personality. Holy but also a bit salty. Oh, wait, that can be said of the one on the right, also. But that can also be read into! We are all more alike than we realize! We all matter! Oh, is this comment too cheesy for you? Your opinion does not matter crackers to me. (Though inside I might crumble) Okay I’m done.

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