Get Out Of The House, Avoid Poop

Sign saying, please clean up after your dog
Get Out Of The House, Avoid Poop

There are a lot more people out walking. They’re walking dogs, children, spouses, and mobile phones, and I’m pretty sure this is because of the Coronavirus. I’d need access to Google and Apple’s location data to confirm this, but anecdotally, lots of people are out and about walking while maintaining social distancing. You know what else I’m seeing? A lot of signs like this one, politely asking people to pick up their dog’s shit. I’m 100% on board with people being responsible pet owners.

Day 88 of 366


  1. Every day, I walk my dog around the block. We live in the country and one of our section roads doesn’t go through because of The State of Minnesota Mosquito Refuge, so the block is seven miles around. No one seems to mind that Scooter drops his load wherever he feels like it. In fact, if I were to pick it up, I might be denying sustenance to a corn or bean plant.

    Ah, the joys of country life.

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