100 Days Of Blogging In 2020

The number 100
100 Days Of Blogging In 2020

One hundred. That’s how many consecutive days of blogging I’ve managed to accomplish so far this year. Ok, technically I’m at 107 days of blogging, but I wanted to write something on day 100, though life does what it’s very skilled at doing and threw hundreds of distractions in my path, so here I am 7 days later. I consider this a very minor feat and I hope to make it to 200 consecutive days too.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far –

  • I really enjoy naming photos and blog posts
  • My photography game has declined since I lost all my free time to raising children
  • I’m rediscovering the awesomeness of blogging – creating content, exploring ideas, big picture thinking with little words
  • I read every comment. If I had more time I’d respond to all of them
  • I’m feeling the urge to write longer content, so I think Season 16 will explore writing posts that are longer than 500 words, at least once a week.

Day 107 of 366


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