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About Me

Hi, I’m a human, and this is where I share things with you. I strongly value curiosity, and the process of creating is very important to me. Hopefully you’ll find at least one item of interest around here. Enjoy!

About The Site


This site is for perusal during work. Though I don’t personally indulge in such wasteful workplace practices, this site does contain the type of content I would like to see if I were so rudely indulgent.

Site Disclaimer

This site should be appropriate for most places of employment, however, while you won’t find images of naked people erotically licking each other, there are references to mature content, and the [F]-bomb is occasionally dropped (among other words of dubious civility). You’ve been warned!


When comments are open, all comments will be reviewed and moderated. No comments will be modified. Comments that are maliciously offensive will promptly be deleted, and since I consider myself reasonably open-minded, you must be a complete asshole if your comment is removed.


My Privacy

I ostensibly write under an absurd nom de plume. All comments that include personal information will be modified to divulge no more personal information, if any, than has already been posted on this site. That goes for me, and those commenting.

Your Privacy

I will never knowingly sell, give away, or advertise any of your contact information.


If for any reason you feel your work has been inappropriately used on this site, please contact me. I will gladly remove the item(s) if appropriate.


All original content is mine, so if you use any of my material without permission – especially to make a dollar – my benevolent humanity will banish you to an eternity of rotting in a festering pit of collegiate vomit.


These are my personal opinions and do not reflect the opinions of my employers, nor any companies I own – past, present, and future.


I can be reached using the comment form below.

Last Updated – 1/1/2019